Little Alchemy Cheat Sheet
There are many ways to go about finding all the elements in Little Alchemy on your own. Here are a few of them:
  1. Many things combine with itself. For example, water combined with itself makes sea
  2. Think about logical connections. For example, water and earth make mud.
  3. Think about what is related. For example, water combined with sea makes ocean. Both water and sea are things related to water.
  4. Turn on the option to mark the final elements (elements that don't combine with anything; dead ends). When you hover over these elements, red appears behind the element. Skip over these elements when figuring out what to combine.
  5. When you have no idea what to combine and you refuse to use a cheat sheet, you can try every possible combination. Start with water, and try to combine with itself then every element after it (skipping the dead ends). Once you get to the end, go to the next combinable element. Try to combine with itself again then with every element after it, then go to the next element in the list, so on and so forth. Remember, don't go backwards. If done correctly, you will get every combination. For every new element you discover, attempt to combine it with everything including things coming before it, and itself. Note that the time it takes to do this for the whole list grows exponentially.

If you have suggestions you would like added to this list, send a tweet to @AlchemyCheat.